Fit and Sizing

Pillow Sizing

The stretch fabric allows Pillow Strap to accommodate inflatable pillows of various shapes and sizes. The listed measurements are the upper recommended range to ensure a long life.

Small Size

Fits inflatable pillows up to 14 x 11 inches (35 x 28 cm). The small is also the ideal size pillowcase for use with puffy jackets or loose clothing as support material.

Medium Size

Fits inflatable pillows up to 18 x 13 inches (45 x 33 cm). The medium size is a perfect fit for our Camp Pillow.

Large Size

Fits larger sized inflatable pillows up to 24 inches wide x 15 inches tall (61 x 38 cm). Large is not suitable for pillows that would fit in a smaller size Pillow Strap. 

Sleeping Pad Sizing

Small and Medium Pillow Strap will fit around sleeping pads measuring up to 25 inches (63 cm) wide and 4 inches (10 cm) thick or 58" (147cm) total circumference. 

Large Pillow Strap will fit around sleeping pads measuring up 30" wide x 5" thick (76 x 13 cm).

If you have a wider sleeping pad, you can use one of our extension straps.

Sleeping Pad Shape Compatibility

Most camping sleeping pads work well with Pillow Strap. Rectangle pads or mummy-shaped pads with a slight curve at the head end are ideal. Closed-cell foam pads pair with Pillow Strap but will fold up a little on the sides. Mummy sleeping pads with a very steep curve at the top (such as Exped) do not work well with Pillow Strap.

We have tested this design with a variety of sleeping pads. If you have questions about if a pad will work send us a message with the model. Here is a graphic to help illustrate inflatable pads that work.

Have Questions?

If you still have questions about our products and what might work best for your specific setup, send us a message with your sleeping pad and pillow model, and we will give you our recommendation. We are always here to help and enjoy hearing from you!

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