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Using a Pillow Strap is like experiencing butter on bread for the first time. You'll wonder how you ever slept in the backcountry without one! Say goodbye to frustrating struggles with a sliding pillows and uncooperative clothing bundles. Pillow Strap is the camping game changer that will give you the restful sleep you deserve for your adventures!

Two Sizes for a Perfect Fit

Small Size

Fits camp pillows up to 14 inches wide x 11 inches.
Best size for using a puffy jacket or clothing.
Lightweight at only 2 ounces.

Medium Size

Fits camp pillows up to 18 inches wide x 13 inches.
Most versatile size.
Approximately 2.75 ounces.

Our Best Selling Pillow Strap

Pillow Strap

Cozy Critters Little Bear Sticker

$3.00 CAD
$3.00 CAD
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Little Bear is the first of our Cozy Critters collection of stickers that make you long for simple times camping under the stars in nature. While you may not plan to hibernate all winter, Pillow Strap will be right there, keeping Little Bear snug as a bear on a pad all winter. 

Our stickers are printed with eco-solvent inks, UV-coated, water-proof, and as durable as a sticker can be! They are designed for years of enjoyment, even on water bottles banged around in the mountains and cleaned in the dishwasher. 

Sticker Only Shipping: Up to 8 stickers ship for $1.60 when selecting our "USPS First Class - No Tracking" option.

Purchasing a Pillow Strap? As we have additional stickers on hand, we may include one in your order. If you order a Pillow Strap and a sticker together, and we are currently including stickers with orders, we will add an additional sticker to your order.


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We all want to take less gear in the backcountry but hear us out

Our team consists of avid backpackers who strive to go further. We understand the importance of minimizing weight while prioritizing a good night's sleep. However, we believe that sacrificing sleep is not an option. That's why we created the Pillow Strap as a lightweight solution weighing only two ounces for the small size. For those conscious of every gram, you can use Pillow Strap to hold your extra clothing or puffy in place as a pillow. If you prefer the luxury of a pillow while camping, choose between our two sizes to get the best fit.

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